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1 Tokuhatsu Co., Ltd. [2]
Theme Converting the processing method by using high-precision cold forging
Goals of
Item Point aimed for Effect
Cost reduction Converting products that now require precision machining, sintering, and fine blanking to press work production Cost △ 30%
Development progress 1. Idea stage
2. Trial production or experimental stage
3. Completion of development
4. Completion of commercialization
(Scheduled for completion) Type of car promoted Industrial property
All types of cars

of the product
tion princi
Existing goods Developed goods
Forging + cutting
[Place to be used] Used in the mounting section of the ball bushing attached to the rear suspension arm.
Customer's requirements
(1)Ensure the area of the bearing surface. Securing the maximum bearing surface to reduce the surface pressure → Since a large shear drop occurs in the flanged section in normal press work, hot forging is used.
(2)High precision flange diameter Since the part to be processed will have a ball bushing pressed into it, high precision is required for the diameter of the part that will be processed into a flange.→ Hot forging has its limit, and it is cut after forging.
Press work
. Press work molding from coil material in a progressive mold (introduction of cold forging in a progressive mold)
(1)Ensuring the area of the bearing surface
Since a large shear drop normally occurs in the flange forming process when working with coil material, it is difficult to ensure the area of the bearing surface.→ If the flange movement is controlled during cold forging, the amount of shear drop is reduced. The surface pressure can be reduced by using the maximum bearing surface.
(2) High precision flange diameter
The tolerance range after heat treatment is guaranteed to be 0.1 using our press work and heat treatment technology.
Material: S45C, Thickness: 3.0 mm, Amount of shear drop: 0.4R
Mass 100 100
Cost 100 70
Issue Evolution of the processing method for use with high-carbon steel
Plan for application Press work of goods previously sintered, machined or fine blanked
. Sales Department:
Toshifumi Nakagawa
. Technical Department:
Yuuji Abe
TEL 072-782-6966
FAX 072-782-6712
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