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 .  We have created an ISO9001 certified quality management system with our quality-first policy and we always implement quality improvement activities by making constant improvements and reorganization of the process flow.
Tokuhatsu's quality-first policy
Tokuhatsu's quality-first policy is maintained in every stage of making new things, from design to production, packaging, and shipment.
In the design development stage, we utilize various types of preventive techniques and evaluate the designs thoroughly. In the production preparation stage, we have been trying to improve customers' satisfaction with our thorough quality assurance and quality improvement programs, using a process designed for a trouble-free start-up. We perform quality checks using FMEA for each working process, and then we perform exhaustive reliability tests.
CNC image measuring machine Automatic compression/tension spring tester
CNC image measuring machine
Shapes are measured using a CCD camera.
This technique makes it possible to measure thin objects, that cannot be measured by contact, and objects that are easily deformed.
  Automatic compression/tension spring tester
This tester can measure and evaluate various characteristics (height, length, deflection, and spring constant) effectively, with a high degree of accuracy, when a force is applied to springs.
Contracer shape measuring machine Hydraulic servo fatigue tester
Contracer shape measuring machine
This measuring machine can measure, evaluate, and analyze the contour shapes of products and parts, with a high degree of accuracy, using a sensing pin.
  Hydraulic servo fatigue tester
This tester applies repeated loads to various types of products and checks their fatigue strength and durability.
We have created an ISO14001 certified environment management system and have been working to reduce environmental burdens.
We have been stepping up efforts in our business activities to take protection of the global environment into consideration through weight savings, higher strength, and space savings during product development. We also approach design and production with the idea of saving energy, using fewer resources and recycling.
Information about our acquisition of ISO certification
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