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Heat treatment
 .  From mold to forming process and heat treatment
Tokuhatsu's production processes are found in every manufacturing step.
Heat treatment technology especially for making springs
Steel is born again as springs are tempered by heat, breathing life into the spring. The characteristics needed for specific applications are created to match the materials and specifications by using our own hardening/tempering furnaces, austempering furnaces, and tempering furnaces.
Can be used to fabricate a wide variety of products in small quantities.
1. Continuous hardening/tempering furnace: Suitable for plain washers, disc spring washers, etc.
2. Continuous austempering furnace: Produces superior springs, such as flat springs, that cannot be allowed to deform during heat treatment. Can also be used to produce small quantities.
3. Press tempering: Used for products which require more dimensional precision than the heat-treated products mentioned above.
4. Various types of nitriding treatments: Suitable for sliding parts.
Continuous austempering furnace
Continuous austempering furnace
. What is austempering?
Furnace construction

Austempering is used to add strength and tenacity to press-molded work.
The work is heated to a temperature of 850oC, and the austenitized work is then cooled in a salt tank (nitrate of potash + sodium nitrite) held at 320 - 385oC without transforming it to martenite. It is rinsed in water and dried to create a bainite structure.
The product gains a bainite organization during the austempering treatment, which reduces hardening cracks and deformation, compared with products hardened and tempered normally. These materials excel in resistance to fatigue from repeated impact and are suitable for small or thin springs.

Furnace specifications
Equipment name Throughput (kg)/h Q'ty Manufacturer

Austempering furnace
Wire mesh conveyor furnace

45-135 2 Gasden Ro, Parker Heat Treatment
Hardening/tempering furnace   3 Daido Plant
Batch furnace 30-180 5 Gasden Ro, ESPEC
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