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Wire rod work
 .  Our wire rod working technique makes it possible to produce springs with a wide range of characteristics.
Miscellaneous springs are created from wire rods. In particular, coil wave springs can be given a wide range of characteristics by combining wave numbers, multiple winding, and series winding, and they can respond flexibly to minor changes in spring characteristics.
Production of ring coil wave springs in a consistent line on the ring machine
1. C type concentric retaining rings can be sized to your specifications, from JIS standard products to special sizes.
2. It is possible to design and produce wave springs and coil wave springs that are shaped from wire rods, to meet your individual specifications.
Ring machine
Ring machine    
Streamlining the waved spring washer production line
1. Cost competitiveness is improved by thoroughly streamlining in-line production, making it possible to produce completed washers just by placing round wire rods on the forming machine.
2. Special sizes can also be produced. Example: For installing nuts
Waved spring washer factory
Waved spring washer factory
Examples of wire rod processing
Low-cost snap rings
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