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Press work
 .  Press work technique that has achieved high quality and low cost

We produce high-quality products using many different press working techniques, such as punching, bending, drawing, shaving, and cold forging. We also achieve low cost by taking advantage of our experience in speeding up the production process and by our mass production techniques.
Furthermore, a broad range of products are available for many different types of equipment, such as multiforming machines and grinders.

Press Factory
Press Factory

Secondary Processing Factory
Secondary Processing Factory

  (1) Multiple lines speed up production
1. Washer flatness: 30μ and less are possible.
2. Burrless machining
3. Punching without broken-out sections
4. Spherical washers
  (2) Converting the processing method
            using a progressive press technique
            that does not require a special press
Various processing methods each need a different or special press. However, we design the mold so that everything can be produced using a general-purpose press.
1. Fine blanking process
2. Cold forging
3. Shaving process
  (3) Materials and thicknesses [mm] available
Material Thickness
High carbon steel 0.05-6.0
Stainless steel for springs 0.05-6.0
Bainite steel
Hardened steel

Clutch plate production line Progressive mold
Clutch plate production line Progressive mold
Equipment name Capacity (kN)

Stroke rate

Q'ty Manufacturer
Link motion press Automatic feeder 2000 40-120 2 Aida
Straight sided press With automatic feeder / Transfer feed material 600-1500 40-600 8 ISIS, Aida
C type press With automatic feeder 350-1500 40-150 6 Aida, Komatsu, Washino, ISIS
Hydraulic press Automatic machine / Fed manually 100-300 - 7 JAM
Multiforming machine With automatic feeder

Punching: 250- 350
Bending: 30-45

65 5 Teijin Precision, Asahi-Seiki
Knuckle press Transfer feed material 6300 25-45 1 Aida
Press work examples
Converting the processing method by using high-precision cold forging 2
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