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Corporate philosophy
Corporate philosophy | Compliance with laws and regulations
Corporate philosophy: Focus on a global viewpoint, maintain a high level of creativity, look to the future, supply attractive products and techniques, and contribute to a richer society
Slogan on credibility

Since our establishment, we have been supported by many people and have been striving to create new products under the motto, "Molding needs into shapes".
Each of us continues to move into new territories, keeps in mind "making new things", and pushes hard to make valuable products that customers will be satisfied with, and which enhance our reputation. The products that Tokuhatsu makes are very active in a variety of fields, such as the automobile, electronics and space industries.
Although our parts are small, they play a big role that is indispensable to each large product. Through making new products that become the new basis for industries, we create value and contribute to a more active, enriched society.

Society, out customers, and our employees all depend on our credibility.
An active company is supported by vigorous employees.
 .  Our approach to compliance with laws and regulations
Through making products that become the new basis for various technologies, and in order to permanently improve corporate values, Tokuhatsu hopes continue to be a company that respects the interests of the various stakeholders in our company, builds a relationship of trust with society as a whole, and develops together with society.
Furthermore, we consider it important to engage more actively in protecting the global environment and in participating in social action programs.
Therefore, each of the board members and all employees in this group must observe the laws and social norms and become aware of their social responsibility. To help move toward this goal, Tokuhatsu has established standards of behavior for all Tokuhatsu employees. They are set forth here as a basic guide to Tokuhatsu business behavior, and we intend to always implement them faithfully.
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