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President's greeting
Since our establishment in 1938, we Tokuhatsu have supplied a lot of spring products including spring washers that boasts the world's leading quality and quantity to the auto industry as well as various industries for over 70 years and have contributed to the development of industry.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of our founding, we have implemented drastic reforms of the organization and the production system in Japan and in China, aiming to "Slim and Strong constitution" enough to endure the change of business environment. In Japan, we have integrated all functions not only production division but also sales and head office into Itami factory. In China advanced since 1993, we integrated the business of two subsidiary companies into one company, and strengthened supply system to the Chinese and overseas market.
As a result, we are sure that we can accommodate more quickly and accurately customer's all requests, and can strengthen customer's trust.

Then, under the motto "Molding needs into shapes", we intend to keep pushing hard to create valuable products that acquire customer's satisfaction from "Development" to "Production", and intend to contribute to a richer society.

I look forward to your continued patronage, support, and cooperation.
President Hitoshi Kotagiri
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